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1 Year blogging. Thanks to you!

You have 89 posts, 2 pages, 1 draft, contained within 8 categories and 34 tags. You have 1,921 total comments, 1,921 approved, 0 spam and 0 awaiting moderation. You are using the Platformate theme with 3 widgets. This is WordPress version 2.6.1. Akismet has protected your site from 3,595 spam comments already, but there’s nothing in your spam queue at the moment.

Your blog covers your personal stuffs, stupid inessentials, thoughts about your deeply-beloved Indonesia, those nerdy chemical engineering articles, and the popular (here, at least) WordPress and themes posts that brought more 50GB traffic a month and forced you to do several hosting upgrades. In the end of July and September,your blog was inaccessible because you have exceeded your bandwidth limit and then you decided to move your blog to an unlimited web hosting.

You started everything without any sufficient knowledge and skills. You had been familiar with image processing software and you had already loved graphic designing so much. But back then, you had no idea how to deal with WordPress, web hosting, domains, and FTP. PHPMyAdmin and MySQL were something bizarre. You were inspired by a friend to have your own domain and he convinced you that domains was not something expensive and you could have it for a very low price.

Started with michaeljubel.com, you wrote totally-insignificant personal stuffs here. I mean, it’s totally inessentials, thanks for the name. Please recall those 2 articles wrapped-as-a-movie-review but inside, you’re grumbling about your unique lecture at school. And also those 2 articles stating that TU Delft was your dream. A month after, your nationalism was about to burst and you decided to write something about Indonesian tourism. There were some, some, some, some Indonesia-related stuffs back then and finally at the end of the year,you decided to launch your first WordPress theme, Linoluna.

Oops, one thing, don’t forget that you ever wrote several funny articles regarding the Durex ad, your pathetic theory of life, and those sexy models posing for Diesel ad stating their own perspective of global warming.

On May,you launched your second Worpress theme, Arthemia, and a month after, in the middle of your compulsory internship at PT Pertamina UP II Dumai (it’s in rural Sumatra), you decided to design a new WordPress theme and named it after the platinum-based catalytic reformation process: Platformate. Well, you really had a bad taste for names. And anyway, what were you doing there? Shouldn’t you be busy with school stuffs?

Anyway, on August,you moved your blog to a new domain, michaelhutagalung.com, for two personal reasons. Several days after, you launched your WordPress premium theme: Arthemia Premium and you’ve been so happy with the sales. Just now, you’ve launched your second paid theme: Platformate.

You really want to thank Rumahweb.com, Qwords.com, and Hostmonster.com for providing you the web hosting service. You learned a lot from them, their system, and everything. You also want to thank the online documentation of PHP and MySQL for being such a huge life-saver. And your biggest and deepest thank goes to WordPress and their WordPress Codex that is constantly showing up at your laptop screen every day.

You also thank your readers for coming by to your blog, commenting your posts, giving trackbacks and linking you from their websites. Please don’t give up giving theme support even though the issue has been asked 7749815345 times and there is already a solution to that issue. In addition, you want to personally thank some people: Hanna (for being such a lovely girlfriend; your blog to me and you to Michael), Sherwin (“horas Lae!”, I believe Michael will say that), Mya, Andika (your English impressed Michael a lot), Calvin (you have an unbelievably-impressive twisted mind), Christin, Yonna, and Marisa (your English makes Michael crazy). And especially for YanYan; although ydoea.com is expired already because he is now busy with his job at Halliburton.

Michael, I know you’ve been so busy with everything that you do not have time to congratulate me for this my belated 1st birthday. I wish you good luck with your school, with the comprehensive examination in March,and please finish that PT Pertamina UP II Dumai internship report. You must thank God for everything you’ve accomplished and for every single cent you’ve earned. Never stop learning again and again.

Happy birthday to me.

PS. Ah finally, this blog becomes personal again. At least this time. :D

Illustration by craftaholic.

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New Domain: michaelhutagalung.com

I am moving this blog to a new domain michaelhutagalung.com. Every content from the old domain are still available and can be accessed without experiencing any broken links (I hope). Beside that I am getting older and older and starting to put my concern on this first-name-last-name thing, I hope I can be clearly identified as an Indonesian person. This blog is proudly created in Indonesia by an Indonesian 22-years old guy living in a beautiful city called Bandung.

Ahh, I am so proud of Indonesia, and being Indonesian as well.

NB. Michael Jubel ini orang Indonesia lho. Michael Jubel Hutagalung, lengkapnya. Beberapa pemikirannya, curhatannya, celotehannya, dan WordPress Themes buatannya tersedia di sini dan semuanya asli produk orang Indonesia.


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Piracy is a crime. Are we ready?

How many times have we heard that tagline, piracy is a crime? Hundreds? Do we realize the fairness and lawfulness of the tagline? Yes, we do. But still, we will always try to find our own justifications. Some will say something like “Why should we buy the legal ones if we can have it for one-hundredth of its legal price?” or a more popular version of it, “I can’t afford legal ones. Those stuffs are simply way too expensive for me.”

Now, sit back and take a look at ourselves. Where are we at weekends? Shopping malls? What are we holding now? Expensive Nokia Nseries cellphones? Fancy Sony Ericsson Wseries phones? And what is that in our bag? An iPod? – Ahh, that’s why we feel that we are inside a box of total disability to pay for legal things.

Take a look around. Notice how many pirated stuffs there are around us; at least we will probably find DVDs, computer softwares, and MP3s – imagine how much the fun we got from those stuffs. Have it ever come to our mind that we can have it legally? Maybe, start to have it legally? Or at least, consider to have it legally for some of those which are not that too expensive. Hahaha.. LOL. Well, that’s not about being inconsistent, but merely start to do things that we can afford to do.

Go to movies instead of buying pirated DVDs.

Why should we go to movies instead of buying pirated DVDs? Because it’s legal. And don’t you realize that the current competition on movie theater industry in Indonesia has gone mad and it leads to the big price cuts in entrance fees? So, legal movies is not that expensive, isn’t it? Plus, we get the sensation of super-big screen, applauds and boos from audiences – especially when it comes to the pause when technical problem occurs, and get happy spending some of your time with our friends! Try Blitzmegaplex, they are good. In Bandung, we can watch you favorite movie for as cheap as Rp 15.000 – it’s legal.

Softwares? Start from a cheap one: Antivirus.

Have we ever got the feeling of total desperation when you realize that your laptop has been knocked-down by a computer virus? Yes, knocked-down. Press the power button and voilá we can’t even see a thing. Just because we can’t update your antivirus anymore as they find out that we are using the pirated version of the program. The feeling is simply one-of-a-kind, somewhere between the sensation of surprise, distress, and frustration. Then we grumbles about how important our documents are, the ticking deadline, how mad our boss will be, and about how much time, effort, and money we lost because of that unfortunate incident. Money? Someone say money? – Ahh, money. Imagine that this will never happen if we really ever pay. Have you checked the legal version of Kaspersky Internet Security in a local computer web-store, Bhinneka.com, that only cost you USD 48? It is a one-year 3-user package so one will only have to pay Rp 145.000. Now we can get the latest antivirus definition, have our documents are secured, everybody is happy, and again, it’s legal.

How about your MP3 player.

So, are you an iPod-guy? You have like 40GB of songs in your iPod – let’s say 8000 songs from various artists. First question: Are we really listening to all of those 8000 songs? Second question: Did we get any of those legally? We can consider it legal if we had the CD and copied it to our iPod for our own uses. Did we do that? Well, it is true that having 8000 legal MP3s will be very extremely expensive. But if we really love the song, I guess it’s not that difficult to start. Besides, how many songs do we really listen to in a week? 40 among 8000? A legal local MP3 is only Rp 5.000 each. You can go to digitalbeatstore.com to download your favorite MP3s. They have a super-high quality 256kpbs version of the song, and again, it’s legal – the artists get what they deserve to get. You can also find their outlets in Blitzmegaplex.

This is not about the law.

Buying legal things is not only about acting law-abidingly. It is something more than that. It is about having things that really belong to us and give the people what belong to them. How do you feel if someone take something that belongs to you? Piracy is a crime, are we ready? Yes, we are. All we have to do is start to act about it.

[Illustration was taken from here]

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Self-Hosted Blog? Why not?

Anyone want to know how can I have michaeljubel.com as my blog? Do you want a blog like mine, a self-hosted WordPress blog with my own domain name? Well, it’s not free (of course), but you can have one like mine with a very low price. But, before we get to business and talk about money and prices, I will explain you some terms in web hosting services, in a very simple way of course, which is rather important to be understood well. And I will take some blog sphere friends as examples to make everything easier to understand.

What is the difference between domain and web hosting?

Well, this is some examples of domain: michaeljubel.com, hannasyalala.com, majarimagazine.com, sherwintobing.com, republikbabi.com, putraditama.com, journal.marisaduma.net, ydoea.com. Do you get the idea? Domain is simply some identification you use to get to somewhere on the internet. There are many suffixes in domain names that you can choose, .com, .net, .org, .info, etc.

“Somewhere on the internet? Where is that ‘somewhere’ actually?”
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TelkomSpeedy is going 1 Mbps!

Sejujurnya saya terkesima, senang, dan dicampur sedikit rasa penasaran. Tanpa biaya tambahan atau apapun, TelkomSpeedy meningkatkan kecepatan aksesnya menjadi 1 Mbps untuk download (dari sebelumnya 384 kbps) dan 128 kpbs untuk upload (dari sebelumnya 64 kbps). Terlepas itu hanyalah kecepatan akses teoritis, tapi setidaknya pasti ada peningkatan kan. Hehe..

Dalam rangka memperingati 100 tahun hari Kebangkitan Nasional, Telkom mempersembahkan kecepatan akses layanan Speedy hingga 1 Mbps downstream dan 128 kbps upstream untuk bangsa Indonesia.

Peningkatan kecepatan ini telah dilakukan di sebagian lokasi di 59 kota dan akan terus diperluas hingga ke seluruh area cakupan layanan Speedy di lebih dari 220 kota di seluruh Indonesia.

Pelanggan Speedy dapat menikmati peningkatan kecepatan ini tanpa dikenai tambahan biaya apa pun.

Untuk dapat melihat daftar lokasi yang sudah dapat menikmati kecepatan Speedy up to 1 Mbps klik di sini.

Untuk detail informasi lokasi hubungi 147.

Silakan melihat artikel asli di halaman ini.

Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya sempat memiliki keinginan untuk berganti provider dari TelkomSpeedy menjadi IM2 karena lambatnya kecepatan akses Speedy. Belum lagi dengan koneksi yang suka terputus pada saat jam sibuk. Tapi, berhubung ada banyak pengalaman kurang baik yang saya dengar mengenai IM2 dari teman-teman saya, ditambah lagi saya juga mendengar berita buruk langsung dari Ayah saya mengenai buruknya kecepatan akses IM2 di kantornya, niat itu saya urungkan saja. Di tengah kebingungan saya mencari provider baru yang tepat, ternyata provider lama saya menggebrak dengan berita baik yang tentunya sangat membuat semua netter bergembira. 1 Mbps? Hahaha.. Walaupun pada praktiknya kecepatan akses tidak akan pernah mencapai 1 Mbps, tapi setidaknya itu pasti lebih baik ketimbang kecepatan akses yang teorinya hanya 384 kpbs.

Good luck Speedy. (walaupun monopoli dominasi pasar mu gila sekali)


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