Arthemia Premium and WordPress Localization

So, what about localization? “Although WordPress displays in U.S. English by default, the software has the built-in capability to be used in any language. The WordPress community has already translated WordPress into many languages, and there are Themes, translation files, and support available in many other languages.” -

WordPress in Your Language

To get WordPress in your own language, read this post from thoroughly and download any available localized WordPress that you want. There are 58 languages available for you. After that, simply upload all the files and you will find everything in the WordPress Dashboard panel is now in your own language.

If you still see English texts in your WordPress Dashboard, do a double-check and analysis. Open your wp-config.php file in a text editor and search for:

define ('WPLANG', 'xx_YY');.

xx_YY is your language code, for example: de_DE for German, id_ID for Bahasa Indonesia, or fr_FR for French. If you did not find that command there, you probably downloaded the wrong file.

If you did and you don’t want spend your valuable time re-uploading the whole package, read this post regarding manually installation of wordpress language files. For me, uploading a total of 4MB files is somewhat time-consuming. Why? Because there are only 3 files that needed to do the whole translation. (Shouldn’t I tell you this in the first place?) :) Read that post and search for .PO and .MO file for your local language and do manual installation.

Arthemia Premium in Your Language

OK, you got WordPress in you own language, what should you do now? Well, here’s what you need.

  1. Arthemia Premium theme (of course). You can purchase the theme here.
  2. A .PO and .MO editor, you can try POEdit. You can download POEdit here.

And here is the step-by-step procedure on how to translate Arthemia Premium without editing the template files.

    1. Install and run POEdit. Go to the menu File >> Open and select the file id_ID.po, which is included in the purchase package. id_ID.po is a language file for Indonesian version of Arthemia Premium. This tutorial will enable you translate that language file to another language.

    1. After that, your POEdit would look similar to this picture below. On the left is the original strings, which are in English, and on the right is the translated string, in this case is still in Bahasa Indonesia.

    1. Edit every string and translate it into your own language. Simply type a new word in the edit box that is located at the bottom section. Beware of symbols (%), HTML tags (<p>, </p>, etc), and punctuations (dot, comma, semi-colons). Do not erase any of those.
    2. When you’re done, save the file as a new language file. Eg. fr_FR.po for French. A complete list of naming convention can be read here.

  1. Upload the file and put it in this folder: /wp-content/themes/arthemia-premium/
  2. Refresh your Arthemia-Premium-powered blog and notice the difference. If you feel like something is grammatically incorrect, repeat the step above and re-upload the language file. Some pages you need to check are the front page, the PAGE page, the post page, the archive page, the search result page, and the author page.
  3. You’re done.

Note: Texts in the sidebar and footer section of the theme are controlled from sidebar widgets. Go to Dashboard >> Design >> Widgets and edit those texts.

What languages are already available?

These are some language files that are already available for download. This list is updated and is waiting for you voluntary work to add a new language become available. (UPDATE: This post has been moved to

Well, WordPress and Arthemia Premium are now in your own language. Terima kasih. Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Muchas gracias. Danke. Dankie. Dêkuji. Sas efharisto. Arigato gozaimasu.

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  • Hey Michael, i wanna know! how can i remove the post “Time stamp” i mean remove the time of when the post was published…and why i can’t see my post views ontop of my posts? before, in the free version of Arthemia…i can see my post views…but with the Premium i can’t. Please help me?

    Thanx in advance

  • Thanks for upgrading the es_ES .po file. But I have to say that “(puestos de refresco al azar)” is a very bad translation for “(refresh random posts)”, meaning something completely different :???:

    A better translation would be “(actualizar artículos aleatorios)”.

    Best wishes,

  • @bloggista:
    well, i have all my sites hosted at hostmonster. you need 755 instead of 777 to make the script and cache folder writable.

  • Hi, the thumbnails doesnt work for my hosting (Hostmonster). You got any suggestion? I have another hosting where the thumbnails work though, unfortunately, the blog where I want to use this theme is hosted at hostmonster.

    Great looking theme.

  • As I’m using one of your free theme Arthemia, maybe I can make a french translation of this theme (for free :-)). But I have to get the .po and .mo files

  • I need to know how to get the arthemia premium theme to display my logo in color and how to get my favicon.ico to show up after I’ve downloaded it,


  • Hello Michael. I own and wanted to get in touch with to discuss an interesting matter with you. I couldn’t find any contact form or contact information on your site … could you get in touch with me please? My email has been entered into the email field on this comment. Cheers!

  • T!

    Hello Micheal,
    thank you for the great tutorial here.
    for the Right to Left languages like Hebrew and Arabic, when mirroring the CSS styles from left to right there are some misfunctions that appears in Internet Explorer, could you please provide a clean stlye.css or at least show us how to do it plz.
    thank you in advance

  • Bang michael selamat ya atas peluncuran premium themes nya nih!
    o ya aku ikut promosi juga yah: buat temen2 yang suka dengan kaos distro dari bandung, silahkan datang ke Koleksi produk2 yang uptodate dari clothing company beken!

    Terima kasih ya ! Btw, ini project terakhir aku.. heheee

  • Rashed bhai,

    The theme does not generate/render the numbers on a site. We have to use a plugin to show them in Bangla.

    Pretty fine theme Jubel :)

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  • My language is Bangla/Bengali.

    Everything else is translated in Bangla. But the digits (1, 2 3, etc) in dates, times, comment numbering, etc are in English. WHich phrases I need to translate to make the digit appear in Bangla?

    Thanks again for replying. :)

  • terimakasih buat tutorial + templatenya kang jubel… dan akhirnya memakai templates dari kang jubel..he he he

  • @phil:
    1. for now, that can only be done if you edit the CSS. I look forward to implementing it in the future.
    2. yes, you can have that. but it would need a minor editing in the template file.
    3. yes, and again, you have to edit the CSS and change the float attribute from right to left.

    what language are you using? are numbers in your WP dashboard already translated to your languages?

    i’ve sent you an e-mail.

    linux way on Windows Vista. :)

  • pake linux ya..

  • I was translate and upload right directory but site is still english… I checked wp-config file its true too…

  • Thanks Michael for the reply.

    Ya, those are in my language. But, I want to make the numbers in my language. I tried to find the solution, but couldn’t get any info anywhere. :(

    How can I translate the numbers, I mean 1 2 3 etc, in my language?

  • phil

    I am interested in purchasing Arthemia Premium, but had a few questions first:

    1. can the buttons and the navigation bars be set to any color, or is the color preset?

    2. can the carousel on the upper right of the home page be set so that it does not constantly change on its own - so that it only changes when the up or down scroll arrows are clicked on?

    3. is it possible to change the right sidebar into a left sidebar?


  • dates and times will already be in your own language if your wordpress is already localized. eg, if you’re using french version of wordpress, “wednesday” will become “mecredi”, “april” will become “avril”, etc.

    but yes, the date/time display preference:
    “short-day, dd/mm/yy - 24:00″
    cannot be modified yet.

    I look forward to implementing that in the next version.

  • Thanks for the tutorial.

    My question is how can I translate the numerical digits? Like the date are in English. I want them to have my own language numerical digit. How can I do it? I checked the .po file. There’s no string for the numerical digit. Can u help me please. :)

  • pERTAMAX………. im the one .. :razz: