What I’ve Been Busy With

It has been nearly a month since I posted a ‘real’ blog post, and even this one can not be considered a ‘real’ blog post. I did not write anything about Christmas, New Year, and even about the Israel-Palestine never-ending conflict. There were no posts or even quick tweets. Therefore, hereby I want to say “Merry Super-Belated Christmas” and “Happy Belated New Year”. Also, I would like to say “Happy Belated Islamic New Year” and “Happy Upcoming Chinese New Year”. Shortly, “Happy New Year on whatever calendar you have there”.

There are 2 things that made me occupied: first is the final report of my internship to PT PERTAMINA UP II Dumai which thankfully made me eligible to take the final comprehensive test so that I can graduate. Frankly I don’t want to tell you anything about my final report. And second is the heavy, labor-work redesign of ColorLabs Project, both at the outer front-end look and the membership system at its back-end.

Here is my latest work in WordPress and Design. Thanks to WordPress, Adobe Photoshop (my daily design mate), PNG-24 Image Format (that is how real transparency should look like), and Internet Explorer (for being so stupid, inconsistent, incompatible, and worthless - thanks, you’ve taught me that good web designers are them who successfully tell you, who happens to be the worst Internet browser on the planet, what to do).


Bottomline, what I’m trying to say is: “Seriously, there are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It’s already a broad choice so you don’t have to count IE in.” Hahaha.

  • that is a great looking screenshot; A+ for creativity

  • I’m IE’s loyal user :lol:

    I tried Opera once, well it’s okay and i find it as helpful as IE :)

    I tried Mozilla and yeah find it fine and nothing more special compared with IE.

    *a ordinary opinion (read: excuse) from lay lady* :lol:

  • Nice article , i like it a lot.

    And will visit this blog for everyday


  • Micheal, I agree completely. IE is the worst browser in the world. Thank God for Firefox!

    Hey, any idea of how to make the thumbnails in the Featured area square so it doesn’t crop my images?

    Thanks for Arthemia Premium!


  • awesome design jubel! happy new year too!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bel. :D

    Dumai, that small city in the middle of nowhere. I used to live there for three years. I remembered we often drove from Dumai to Pekanbaru before.

    Good luck with whatever you are doing.

  • Welcome to IE-haters club! :D

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  • Mampir mapir eh masuk sini
    Duh duh ane bingung nih mo ngomong apa ya bang, maju terus blogger Indonesia

  • wow, nice design you made there. Wish you the best for

  • Selamat Natal & Taon Baru juga bro’

  • I’ve been missing your posts, but thanks.

    Let me add a few other wishes: a happy birthday, a swell mother’s day and a great Eastern.

  • I like your new design… it’s very well structured…. Have a good year!