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Platformate is a magazine-style theme that keeps your blog personal. Have you ever wished to have a unique, one-of-a-kind design for a personal WordPress blog? A touch of magazine block elements showing popular posts in the front page while having other posts remain as usual blog date-ordered lists? Along with automatically generated fancy thumbnails that are displayed at a pretty sidebar to show your latest posts? There is Platformate for you, your blog’s total makeover.

Platformate Theme is available at ColorLabs. See the demo here.

Platformate: Mysterious Black

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  • nice blog theme. i want theme :)

  • Just a quick word to let you know that I’m using Plateformate at The Big Desk and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. It’s a breeze to use, no more fiddling with html code and image resizing.
    a happy customer..

  • :roll: nice blog theme :roll:

  • i love it :grin:

  • nice theme!! apply this :grin:

  • I also make over my other blog with this theme..

  • Hi

    These are great themes and I’ll sure get myself one for my next blog project.

    I like the fact that they dont look like the usual now over used themes :p

    I got here having seen a theme on a friend’s blog so had to find out where she got the theme from :)

    Great job thanks


  • This is a great theme. Like the many different coloring styles that comes with it.


  • güzel tema

  • keren themenya bang.

    terutama yang Mysterious Black. Mantap!
    Btw abang di sarijadi ya tinggalnya?

  • Waduh, ketinggalan info ni kayaknya. Anw, kenapa jadi beda bro? Bukannya seharusnya ada Feature Post di Midle Content?

  • funtastic. I love this theme…

  • Nice theme. :mrgreen: