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Arthemia Premium is magazine style theme for WordPress. Arthemia is unleashing the power of WordPress to become a simple-yet-powerful CMS (content management system) with the automatic thumbnail generation feature and theme administration panel. A fresh and awesome blend of a blog and a magazine, for you. Arthema Premium is available at ColorLabs. See the demo here.

Copyright Notice

  1. TimThumb is an open source automatic image resizing script developed by Tim McDaniels and is distributed under the MIT License.
  2. Feedburner “Feedsmith” plugin was originally developed by Steve Smith and is now available for download to all users
  3. Google Analytics is a web tracking and statistics tool from Tracking codes are available to all Google Analytics user and can be downloaded from Google.
  4. All sample images are courtesy of its respective authors. Details about sample images can be read here.
  5. WordPress template files and CSS stylesheets are originally developed by Michael Jubel Hutagalung.

Thank you.

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  • Ok, I’m using All-in-One SEO and everything is working.Now, I’m ready to play a little on my test blog.
    Arthemia Premium has all resources I’ve been looking for in a theme.
    Great job, Michael!

  • Marco

    Hi Michael.
    Seems like Arthemia Premium doesn’t work with Platinum SEO plugin.
    I’m really interested in your theme but i use this plugin.Do you have any workaround for it?

    • How about using All-in-One SEO Pack instead?

  • Love your post!! Finally someone got it right!!! Would you mind if I put a blogroll link back to your post? :)

  • Hi Michael, the mail had in fact gone to spam. Very unusual as there was only one link. Every other forum notification comes through ok/ Anyway thanks for the information and feedback

  • Richard

    I was unable to register on your forum, so I’m posting here .

    1- Do you offer any support with the premium version? Ie; some help customising categories so that The H1 element matches the colours of the category??

    2- Is the ptremium theme compatible with the new WP 2.7 release? and does it allow the new features of threaded comments etc?


    • Hi,
      Anyway, have you checked your spam folders for notification e-mail? I’ve just rechecked the forum and found everything working properly as it should be; I even tried to register. :)

      And we only provide installation and configuration support for the premium theme. If you need any modification, you’ll need to discuss that in the forum. And Arthemia Premium is compatible with the new WP 2.7 release and the current version does not support the threaded and paginated comment system yet. We are still working on the update and it will be sent to all of the customers tomorrow.

    • UPDATE: Arthemia Premium now supports WP2.7 completely. Check out the new commenting system at

  • cool.. really great themes… nice job master…

  • @João: the carousel comes in the updated version of theme. you must have already received the download link if you purchase the theme.

    @Stu: please post further questions in the forum.

    It stretches my image so badly that it look distorted.

    That means you need to upload larger image. It needs to be more than 200px wide x 225px tall.

    I have tried uploading a larger image than the default 150 x 150 thumbnail size, but that just cuts the head or the feet off my subject.

    That’s because the script automatically crop the image from the center point so that the result will still have its proportional size (height to width). I suggest you to upload an image with exactly 200px wide x 225px tall in size so you’ll know what exactly the thumbnail look like.

    I created a category called Videos. I grabbed the YT video embedding code. I pasted it inside the html view of the post I created.

    Of course. Please read the readme.pdf. It is well explained there that you need to add a custom Field named “Video”. Please read the manual.