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Tutorial: TimThumb Thumbnail Generation with Arthemia

If you still have problems getting the thumbnail automatic generation working, please read this tutorial. I spent a lot of my time creating this tutorial, including screen shots for some significant steps, and adding narrative text to each image. Please consider reading the whole instruction again, again, and again because I found out that there is 90% possibility that you missed one spot and there are many occurrences one say that he/she did not missed anything but ended up saying “Ah, yeah, I forgot that one.” :D

The CHMOD 777

Upload and activate the Arthemia theme. Then, the first step is to make the scripts and cache folder writable. You can either try ‘777’ writable or ‘755’ writable. Some web hosting company prevent you making any folder ‘777’ writable due to some security reasons. But, I suggest you to try with ‘777’ writable first. I use FileZilla to do the FTP work because it is free and has a lot of features. To make the folders writable, simply right click the folder name and select ‘File Attributes’ and a dialog box will show up.

You can tick all the attributes there, consider it a finger exercise, or directly type 777 as the folder attribute. Do this to both scripts and cache folder.

You’re done with FTP work and may continue to the image uploading procedure.

Uploading an image

To upload image, you can use the built-in Add Image WP feature. In the post editing page, notice the Add media icons just below your post title and permalink. Click “Add Image” and an image uploading page will show up.

Upload any image that you like, preferably the properly sized one (for example: 300×300 pixel or bigger for Arthemia theme).

After the image is uploaded, you can see the image location from the ‘Link URL’ field. In this tutorial, it is: Values may vary depending on your blog settings. One may have the time-structured folder while others may not. Copy that value but remember to get rid of your blog home page location. In my case, the final value will be wp-content/uploads/2008/08/1.jpg.

Then, close the image uploading page and you do not need to clik ‘Insert to Post’ button if you do not want to. When you’re back in the post editing page, scroll down until you find “Custom Fields”. Make a new Custom Field with “Image” as the key and the image location as the “Value”.

You’re done. Please note that there is no support provided for Arthemia Free. Support is only provided for Arthemia Premium. If you have any problem with Arthemia Premium, please submit a support ticket to

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Arthemia Premium at ColorLabs

Arthemia Premium is magazine style theme for WordPress. Arthemia is unleashing the power of WordPress to become a simple-yet-powerful CMS (content management system) with the automatic thumbnail generation feature and theme administration panel. A fresh and awesome blend of a blog and a magazine, for you. Arthema Premium is available at ColorLabs. See the demo here.

Copyright Notice

  1. TimThumb is an open source automatic image resizing script developed by Tim McDaniels and is distributed under the MIT License.
  2. Feedburner “Feedsmith” plugin was originally developed by Steve Smith and is now available for download to all users
  3. Google Analytics is a web tracking and statistics tool from Tracking codes are available to all Google Analytics user and can be downloaded from Google.
  4. All sample images are courtesy of its respective authors. Details about sample images can be read here.
  5. WordPress template files and CSS stylesheets are originally developed by Michael Jubel Hutagalung.

Thank you.

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Terlahir dengan Modal untuk Bangga

Tiga hari menuju perayaan kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia yang ke-63. Bagaimana perasaan Anda? Anda bangga? Ataukah biasa saja? Atau malah malu melihat perayaan kemerdekaan kita diwarnai oleh berbagai kasus korupsi di pemerintahan yang mencuat ke permukaan? Tidak tanggung-tanggung, dari Sabang sampai Merauke, sudah ketahuan berbagai kasus korupsi di berbagai perangkat pemerintahan. Dengan keadaan menyedihkan seperti itu, habiskah alasan kita untuk berbangga akan negara kita?

Saya tertarik untuk berkomentar tentang hasil sebuah survei yang dilakukan oleh Bambang Setiawan/Litbang Kompas yang terdapat dalam Harian Umum Kompas tanggal 10 Agustus 2008. Survei tersebut ditampilkan pada halaman 15 di bagian pojok kanan bawah, untuk lebih tepatnya. Hasil survei tersebut cukup untuk membuat kita semua berpikir.

“Jika dibandingkan dengan negara-negara lain, apa keburukan Indonesia yang paling membuat Anda merasa malu?”

48% menjawab korupsi dan 10% menjawab kemiskinan serta masalah sosial. Beberapa jawaban lainnya adalah buruknya perekonomian (8,1%), integritas moral seperti malas dan tidak disiplin (6,5%), perilaku elite yang buruk (5,4%), masalah keamanan (4,6%), penegakan hukum yang lemah (3,6%), lain-lain (9,6%), tidak ada (2,5%), dan tidak tahu (1,7%).

“Jika dibandingkan dengan negara-negara lain, apa keunggulan Indonesia yang paling Anda banggakan?”

29,3% menjawab keragaman etnis, budaya, dan seni sedangkan 27,3% lainnya menjawab kekayaan alam (SDA). Beberapa jawaban lainnya ialah keramahtamahan (3,9%), pariwisata (3,5%), lain-lain (22,4%), tidak ada (7,6%), dan tidak tahu (6,0%).

Berbekal hasil survei tersebut, apakah salah apabila saya menganggap bahwa kita semua terlahir dengan modal yang cukup besar untuk berbangga akan negara kita ini? Bayangkan saja: keragaman etnis, budaya, dan seni. Kita menyadari keberadaan hal tersebut di sekitar kita dan kita pun berbangga karena keberadaannya. Tak perlu berkeringat, tak perlu berpeluh darah, kebanggaan itu telah ada sejak nenek moyang kita. Terlepas dari kita mau berbangga atau tidak, poin kebanggaan itu akan tetap melekat di diri kita sekalipun kita berleha-leha dan bermalas-malasan di kasur setiap hari. Terang saja: keragaman etnis, budaya, dan seni. Ribuan pulau, ratusan suku, dua ratus dua puluh juta penduduk, enam agama, dan lain sebagainya. Katakan saja: sudah bawaan lahir.

Kemudian terlintas beberapa pertanyaan dalam pikiran saya:

“Mengapa kita harus mencoreng kebanggaan turun-temurun yang tak perlu susah-susah kita raih dengan tindakan-tindakan tercela kita?”

Bukankah seharusnya kita memupuk dan memelihara kebanggaan yang sudah kita miliki kemudian terus berusaha menjadi negara yang lebih baik lagi sehingga kita bisa semakin berbangga atas negara kita? Mengapa kita memilih untuk mencoreng kebanggaan yang sudah kita punya – gratis pula – dan malah menutupinya dengan tindakan tercela kita? Korupsi, misalnya.

Apakah manusia Indonesia memiliki sifat koruptor dan diturunkan secara genetik? Apakah manusia Indonesia memang terlahir untuk memiliki tingkat integritas moral yang rendah?

Saya yakin kita semua tahu apa jawaban yang benar. Saya juga yakin kita semua tahu apa yang harus kita lakukan.

Percayalah, tak akan pernah habis alasan bagi kita untuk berbangga akan negeri kita ini. Modal kebanggaan itu sudah melekat dalam diri kita masing-masing; sekali lagi, sudah bawaan lahir. Sekarang tinggal bagaimana kita menyikapi kebanggan tersebut dan memutuskan apakah kita rela mencoreng-coreng kebanggaan itu dengan segala tindakan tercela kita. Semoga di masa depan kita tak akan pernah (lagi) berbangga karena keanekaragaman kita sambil pada saat yang sama menutup muka kita karena malu akan kebobrokan kita sendiri. Jangan sampai Soekarno-Hatta dan semua pahlawan-pahlawan kita ikut menutup muka mereka (lagi), entah di manapun mereka berada.

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku.

Ilustrasi diambil dari sini.

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New Domain:

I am moving this blog to a new domain Every content from the old domain are still available and can be accessed without experiencing any broken links (I hope). Beside that I am getting older and older and starting to put my concern on this first-name-last-name thing, I hope I can be clearly identified as an Indonesian person. This blog is proudly created in Indonesia by an Indonesian 22-years old guy living in a beautiful city called Bandung.

Ahh, I am so proud of Indonesia, and being Indonesian as well.

NB. Michael Jubel ini orang Indonesia lho. Michael Jubel Hutagalung, lengkapnya. Beberapa pemikirannya, curhatannya, celotehannya, dan WordPress Themes buatannya tersedia di sini dan semuanya asli produk orang Indonesia.


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WP 2.5 and Lester Chan’s WP-PostView Plugin

To any of you that experience “MBCS” problem using Lester Chan’s WP-PostView plugin for Arthemia theme, this information below would probably become a big help for you, taken from Lester Chan’s forum.

The error codes show up in the right footer of the Arthemia theme, in which are used to show the 5 most viewed posts of your blog.

This error code shows up if you also have WP-Email installed.
Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! in /wp-content/plugins/wp-email/wp-email.php on line 338

If you deactivate WP-Email, another error code will show up.
Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! in /wp-content/plugins/wp-postviews/wp-postviews.php on line 260

It’s well known that the latest release of LesterChan’s plugin sports little issues when used within a WordPress 2.51 setup in a PHP 4.x environment, since it’s meant to be used in a PHP 5.x environment. The most evident issue is the notorious behaviour of the sidebar widgets, which declares an impressive string of “MBCS” warnings able to totally spoil the look of your webpages. If your provider cannot upgrade your PHP to the 5.x release, please avoid the plugin upgrade.

The latest working version of the plugin for WP 2.5 is WP-PostView 1.20. If you accidentaly upgraded the plugin to the latest version, please download the file below and delete the new plugin. Only use this version of the plugin if you don’t have plan to upgrade your web hosting to PHP 5.x.

Download: WP-PostView 1.20.

I am so glad that my web hosting company has been using PHP 5.x ever since.

Please note that there is no support provided for Arthemia Free. Support is only provided for Arthemia Premium. If you have any problem with Arthemia Premium, please submit a support ticket to

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